About Us

We are fast growing enterprise technology skills platform and an independent BIM service provider, passionate about Building Information Modelling and Digital technology in Construction. Prospect BIM firms aims at using technological tools in delivering construction solutions.

At PBF, we believe every construction professionals, students and graduates should have the opportunity to create progress through digital technology and develop their skills for the future.

Our Services

Professional Service

Offers integrated professional service and consultancy for AEC firms hinged on the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in their workflow


We work and partner with each firms to produce functional BIM execution plans adapted to their work flow from inception to completion of project.

Awareness & Enlightenment

Offer awareness and enlightenment on BIM, sustainable construction and smart building technology. Offer training and workshops on innovative digital and BIM tools.


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I appreciate your idea in bringing digital process to Qs practice, this program is enlighten because am exposed to a lot of better ways of estimating

Qs Akinnusi,

I have learnt a new tool to use to ease my task in the office.

Dada Samuel Oluwatoba